The future of school websites?

It‘s not just a tagline;
it’s reality.

Our sites are built today the way all school sites will be built tomorrow.

Going Mobile.

Every Schoolyard site is built in Responsive Design
at no additional cost.

No contract, no extra fees,
no fine print.

We don’t make you sign a contract, and we don’t charge extra for a long list of features, including:

  • Responsive Design
  • Portals, eCommerce
  • LDAP connections
  • SSO, eNewsletters

Schoolyard’s system is built in

Every Ivy League University and 26% of all .edu domains are running Drupal.

“Why hasn’t every school hired Schoolyard?”

“Because they haven’t heard of us.”

Our monthly service plan.

For probably less than your school pays each month for paper towels, Schoolyard provides the following, with no contract term:

  • New features
  • One hour of one-on-one support
  • Drupal module upgrades
  • Drupal security patches
  • Hosting
  • Server performance monitoring